Тема: Kudepstinsky forest park

The forest park is located 5 km east from Khosta settlement. It occupies about 20 ha. The forest belongs to Kudepstinsky forestry of Sochi National Park. The biggest Russian cork oak plantation served as a foundation of a forest in 1930th. The planting of bushes and trees have been grouped on the geographic principle. The Caucasian department has native species: oriental beech, castanea sativa, common hornbeam, tilia caucasica, sessile oak. Mediterranean flora is represented with cork, Chinese cork, Georgian and black oaks, bay laurel, maritime pine and Italian stone pine. The department of North America flora is adorned by giant redwood and giant sequoia, bald cypress, Lawson cypress, the Turkish pine, maritime pine and the Monterey Pine. Local people take special pride in camphor tree, guttapercha tree, Mexican white cedar, black peppermint, holly oak as the most exotic plants in Kudepstinsky forest.

The largest Russian plantation of cork oak and an etalon giant redwood planting founded under the leadership of A. Yablokov in 1955, occupy central place in the forest park.

There are two small lakes on the park territory. The argyle apple and acutifoliate eucalyptus grow on the banks of these lakes. There are two springs of pure fresh water and one mineral spring of chalybeate water (not drying up all the year round) on the bank of Zmeyka river.

Kudepstinsky sacrificial stone is another great sight of the park. It is a unique archaeological monument, which was cut out of the multi-ton sandstone block more than 3 thousand years ago.

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