Тема: "The Friendship tree" garden-museum

This unique museum is located in Fabritsiusa Street. The central place of the museum is occupied by the famous Friendship tree. The head of that tree consists of citrus of 45 types and sorts from all over the world (Japanese mandarins, Spanish oranges, Italian lemons, grapefruits etc.). A famous polar explorer, the academic Otto Schmidt, visited the garden and grafted the tree in 1940. At the present time the head of that unique tree consist of boughs grafted by representatives from 167 countries across the world. Commemorative grafts were planted on the Tree of Friendship by many heads of states, prominent public figures and politicians, representatives from the sciences, arts and culture, as well as astronauts, athletes and military and religious figures.
Respected foreign guests have planted another 69 trees of friendship close to the famous tree. These trees are engrafted in commemoration of the brotherhood of nations. Altogether there has been made over 3,000 grafts.

To get to the garden, located not so far from Sochi Arboretum, take public transportation and get off at the bus stop “Stadion” or“Zolotoykolos”, ortake 94-minibus till the “Derevo Druzhby” stop. The garden works all the year round, 7 days a week, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Via Joint Information center