Тема: Subtropical botanical gardens of Kuban

Botanical garden is located near Dagomys settlement, at the seaside part of mountain valley Uch-Dere (“Three brooks” from Turkish), on the left bank of the Bitkha river. The foundation of the park was laid in 1976. There used to be a park of pensionate, “Belye nochi”, attached to Leningrad Kirov Plant. Thanks to its special relief, Uch-Dere is the warmest place of the Russian coast. Small parcels of natural forest of a colchian type (with underbrush of colchian buxus and cherry laurel) have survived at the streamside.

A botanical garden collection ranks as one of the richest collection among botanical gardens and arboreta of Russia. Over 2000 species, subvarieties and cultivated forms of trees and bushes grow here, in small territory of 6 hectares. A park herbaceous plants collection numbers about 400 species, subvarieties and cultivated forms, and for many of them this park is the only place where they grow in Russia.

Plants were brought here from all the continents of our planet. The saharan cypress, the taiwan pine, the torreya californica, the acer fabri, the schefflera Delave, the nepalese alder, the manihot carthagenensis, the canary laurel, the winter's bark; and that is not a full list of the unique garden plants. At the present time the botanical garden is headed by a well-known scientist- dendrologist, Yuri Nikolaevich Karpun.

Via Joint Information Center