Тема: Khostinsky yew and box grove

The Relict grove is at the distance of 2.5 km from the Black sea coast, on the south-east slope of Ahun mountain, on the right bank of the Khosta river, in Khostinsky district of Sochi. The grove covers about 300 ha area. It belongs to Shaposhnikov nature reserve. Grove is a unique piece of ancient preglacial forests, which covered Europe 18-20 million years ago.

There grow relicts of tertiary period: buxus colchica and European yew included to the Russian Red List. Several specimens of yew-trees reach an altitude of 20-25 m at the age of 1,000, and as to several specimens of box-trees, they reach an altitude of 15-18 m at the age of 400. These trees grow very slowly. Their wood is very solid, that’s why they served for making swords in ancient times.

There grow more than 500 species of plants, including 70 species of trees and bushes. The tropical gasteroid fungi are the most peculiar among numerous grove mushrooms. There are many unique representatives of West Caucasian flora, which grow only here and nowhere else in the world! Thanks to box-tree and other extraordinary plants, the grove air is full of fragrant balmy matters. This air has a good impact on people’s health.

The grove is not only a botanical, but also geological sight. A unique karst labyrinth at the upper part of the mountain, where the grove grows, arose through the earthquake.

The Khosta River forms a deep canyon near the grove. The canyon can be admired from the sightseeing platform. One can see how white limestone rocks suddenly plunge to the river. Snow- white tops of Caucasian range are seen in the north, the twisting channel of the fast-flowing Khosta is well-seen in the south.

Ecological path of 1,600 m length passes throughout the grove territory. A tour includes a visit to the Museum of Nature and is held all the year round.

Via Joint Information Center