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Matsestinsky forest park is one of the biggest forest parks of Greater Sochi (282 ha). It is located in Khostinsky district, near Matsesta settlement, on the left bank of the Matsesta river. All its mountainous territory is covered with primary colchian forest. Different types of oaks, pines, beeches, hornbeams, alders, eucommias, acacias, sequoias, deodar cedars, cypresses, cryptomerias, Lawson cypresses grow there. Magnolia planting makes the park especially attractive. Beautiful fragrant huge white magnolia flowers will not leave anybody cold. Many types of bushes grow here as well, such as cherry laurel, azalea, euonymus, colchis bladdernut, dogwood, hazel, swida.

There are about 50 places for picnic equipped with all necessary in the park. There one can find wooden tables and benches, places for bonfire and garbage cans. There are also playgrounds for children. About 40 wooden sculptures set up in the park. The most well-known wooden sculpture is The Dwarfs’ Glade.

To get to the forest park from Sochi's bus station, take a bus №3 or minibus № 8, Зм. Get off at “Matsestinsky lesopark” station. The forest park works all the year round, 7 days a week, from 7.00 a.m. to the midnight.

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